A reader had a question about the next Microsoft operating system: “Do you know when they will be coming out with a newer computer to replace the Windows 10? How much will they will cost & will they be worth it?”

You’re really asking two questions, since the device and the operating system are two different things. You can expect to see all sorts of new devices including laptops, tablets, and desktop that run Windows 10. Many different companies make these devices. Some will be less expensive tablets and others will be high-end items like the Surface Studio. Whether they’re worth the money depends on your needs and the manufacturer.


As far as a replacement for Windows 10, Microsoft is changing Windows 10 gradually with yearly large updates like last year’s Anniversary Update and this fall’s Creator’s Update. It’s possible that there may never be a Windows 11, just continuing update to Windows 10.  As long as you own your same device, you may able to always stay updated to the latest version of Windows available at no additional charge.

~ Cynthia