Welcome to Child Trends! This organization does research on how to improve the lives and prospects of children and their families and then provides their findings online for you to check out!

When you arrive at the site, I recommend starting with the featured content on the main page if one of the articles catches your eye.  Each featured content tile has an image, label for the section it belongs to (for example, blog or publication), a title, and the date it was posted to the site.

Other navigation options include the navigation strip at the top where you’ll find About, Services, Research, Databank, What Works, and the Hispanic Institute. Mousing over the categories will show you a roll over menu where you can click into the different content in that section.

Of all the sections I found Research and Databank to be the most interesting. They are full of information that is useful for families. Under Research you can browse by Topic, Format, or State; and for Databank you can browse by Topic or Life Stage.

This is an interesting database of information pertinent to families with children. Go check it out for yourself today!