You can use an app for just about anything these days, including making replacement keys from everything from your house to your car. You can even Save on those expensive car key “fobs” by visiting a KeyMe kiosk to copy them then have the extra fob shipped directly. Users can also save a digital copy, so their transponder and blade info are saved to their account so, if they lose their new fob, KeyMe can send them a new one.

Customers can also save any house key to the cloud, then recover a copy simply and securely using their fingerprint at any of the kiosks if they ever lose their keys or get locked out. You can also simply use your phone to scan the key and save the copy. Don’t worry, someone passing by can’t use a photo of your keys. The key has to be placed on white paper and photos taken of both sides.

Using KeyMe’s free iOS and Android apps, keys can be ordered and stored in the cloud, then accessed and printed at a kiosk in the event of a lockout, saving hundreds of dollars that would ordinarily be spent on an emergency locksmith visit. You can even quickly share a key with a family member or friend with a text message or email. The key can be instantly printed at a kiosk.

House keys copies printed at a  kiosk start around $3, while copies of your keys printed from your digital copy will run you around $20. Key fob production starts at only $69.99, a fraction of the cost charged by several car dealerships. Currently, kiosks (found at are being added to more than 50 locations per week with plans to have over 2,000 in leading retailers by the end of 2017.

 To copy a fob, you’ll need to visit a kiosk and select the “fob” option on the screen and enter their car’s make, model and year.  The customer places their current fob against the key slot, allowing the secure transfer of the transponder ID.  KeyMe will code a new transponder, cut a new blade and ship it to the customer via complimentary priority mail with a tracking code.
 KeyMe supports the most modern Fob keys including Audi, BMW, Audi, Honda, Lexus, Nissan, and Toyota.
Locations include 7-Eleven, Albertsons, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kmart/Sears. and Rite Aid.
If  you’re concerned abut security, the company doesn’t store information linking your key to a location or lock. Plus they delete your mailing address once the order is shipped.  Plus, if there’s any activity on your account, KeyMe will send you a notice via the app.
~Michael Siebenaler