A reader has a question about a storage medium that fell out of favor quite some time ago. “In the beginning of computers we had the 3 inch “floppy” disc, then came the slightly larger “ZIP 10″ which was solid & much like a small C/D disc, I have one installed on my XP computer. I also have two units that are not installed. QUESTION; are these units compatible with Windows 10?”

The Zip drive was introduced in late 1994. Zip discs offered what was then considered a high capacity of 100MB. Later that was increased to up to 750 MB.   Zip discs kind of resemble floppy discs. Zip drives were discontinued in 2003.



These discs fell out of favor when USB flash drives offered larger capacities without the need for a special drive.  Zip also later offered the ZipCD wich used regular CD-R media. So it should actually use the same size CDs as other CD

Checking around, some people do report being able to get these drives to work with Windows 10, others have problems. Even if you could get it to work, I don’t know if I’d install a technology that’s 20 years out of date into a PC unless there was some vital data I needed to retrieve.  If that XP machine is still working, consider transferring that data to a flash drive.

~ Cynthia