Welcome to the National Archives of Japan’s Digital Archive where you can find their digitized holdings that are available for online viewing.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find six sections of content to browse. They are Constitution, Important Cultural Properties – Documents,  Important Cultural Properties – Classic Maps,  Important Cultural Properties – Japanese Classics,  Important Cultural Properties – Chinese Classics, and Various Holdings.

I bet you can guess where I started browsing! I headed straight for the  Important Cultural Properties – Classic Maps section and highly recommend you check it out too! They have some gorgeous ancient maps in their collection.

When you click into a section, you’ll notice the holdings are setup gallery style. Click on the you want to view, and you’ll be whisked away to its holding page. There you’ll see the digitized holding with information about it beneath the viewing pane. In the viewing pane you have options to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and more to interact with the digital object you’re viewing.

This is a really cool look into the history of Japan. Go check it out for yourself today!