In response to a recent Windows 10 tip, Tex wrote:  “I can’t imagine anyone actually having WIN TEN BIG FAT HEN on their PC on purpose. You should be giving away instructions to your subscribers on how to get that nearly unnavigable ALBATROSS off their HDD, and go back to Win 7 or XP. I’m just sayin … WIN TEN BIG FAT HEN is BLOATWARE to the extreme, not to mention the El SUPREMO SPYWARE on the planet. EVERYTHING you do on your WIN 10 – should have been named LOSE 10 – is relayed straight to MACKRELsoft and a myriad of spook agencies, including the Gaggle Twins.( Formerly known as Google)”


Tex, I’m starting to get the feeling you dislike Windows almost as much as you enjoy wordplay. But I’ll be glad to address why we focus on a lot of Windows 10.

Those are the questions we’re asked because Windows is the most popular home operating system. Even if I were to go on a campaign against Windows PCs (which I wouldn’t because I actually like my Windows 10 PC), I don’t think it would do very much good. What readers need is help with what they are using. I could also go on a campaign against automatic cars in favor of stick shifts, but I don’t think I’d have much success at swaying folks back to manual.

Currently Windows 7 is on about 50% of PCs with Windows 10 coming in at 27%, Windows 8 at 8% of PCs, and Windows XP at 5%. Roughly about 90% of PCs use Windows and a growing number are moving to Windows 10. I’m not about to encourage anyone to move to a system like XP with no security support. The recent Wannacry ransomware attacks show what a disaster an unsupported system can be. But I have discussed going back to Windows 7 when people have asked. Plus we talk about using Mac or Linux systems as alternatives.

And, as I said, I disagree with you about Windows 10. I like it. And my Surface Pro running Windows 10 is the most stable PC I’ve ever used. But I understand completely if you don’t and I do look forward to seeing your colorful insults to Microsoft.

So readers, do you agree with Tex? When it comes to Windows are you a Windows person or a WinDON’T person? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia