Joan responded to my call for questions you’ve always been embarrassed to ask. “OK. Here’s another dumb question. Sometimes, in logging out of a site, you will see the recommendation that you should close your browser after logging out. I have never really known what that means, i.e. how to do it. So usually, I restart my computer, figuring that will do whatever is needed. But probably there is a simpler way.”

There certainly is. You’re engaging a bit of overkill. A browser is a program you use to surf the Internet. You might use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. If you’re using a Windows PC, it’s as simple as clicking that little X in the upper right corner of the screen.


The reason sites suggest that you close the browser after you log out, is to prevent other people from sitting down and logging onto your account. But unless you’ve made some change to the settings that require a browser restart, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to surf the net if you like. Or if you’re finished with the web for the moment, just click the X.

~ Cynthia