Trish wants to know how to keep track of her favorite YouTube Videos. She writes: “I am not a social media person. What I want to know is can you do this with Utube postings. There are ones I’d like to go back to, but don’t know how to mark them w/o making a list of the posting and/or posting person.”

Trish, you might be surprised to know that you are a social media person. YouTube is one of the most popular social sites. Users post content, other users follow it and review it. The good news is that it’s easy to keep track of your favorite videos and video creators.

You will need a Google account. If you have a Gmail address or own an Android device, you already have one. Go to the YouTube website and choose Sign-in from the upper right. Sign in with your Google account or create one.


Click the 3-line menu button at the top left of the site.



On the right side of the screen, you’ll see your Library and Subscriptions.


Let’s look at how to add items to your library. If there’s a video you’d like to save, click the + symbol at the bottom. If this is your first time creating a playlist, you’ll have to create a channel first.

Click the plus icon again. You can add to watch later, or you can create a specific playlist for the video. Type in the name of the list and click (create new).



Type in the name of the list. Choose if others can view your playlist or if it will be kept private. Then click Create.


The next time you want to add a video, you’ll see the option to add it to that list or create a new one.


You can also choose to follow an individual channel. For example, my friend Susan has a channel called The Singing Sub.  Click the subscribe button and I’ll be able to see all of her videos in one place and be notified when new videos are posted.


Now let’s click library in that side-panel again.


You can see 2 playlists that I created.


Click on it to see the list of videos added. Click Play all to play the list.

Look under Subscriptions and you’ll see all channels that you’ve subscribed to. Click on the channel.

And you’ll see videos by that creator.

Did you forget to save something you viewed earlier? Click the History Icon.


You’ll see your recently watched videos.

I hope this helps you keep track of your favorite videos.

~ Cynthia