Driverless Shuttle Coming To Campus

Students at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor will have a new transportation option this fall. The college is introducing driverless shuttles on campus.

Two automated 15 passenger vans manufactured by Navya will five students and faculty rides between the engineering campus and the campus research complex.  These vans will drive on the streets with other cars and make a 2-mile route every 10 minutes.


According to the manufacturer, they are especially glad to be on campus because of the area’s longstanding ties with the auto industry. “The state of Michigan is ubiquitous with auto manufacturing, and this affords NAVYA the opportunity to work with experienced people in the industry.”

The company says this test is just the beginning. “Thanks to our strong partnerships with Ann Arbor SPARK, the University of Michigan and the State of Michigan, we decided to choose the Ann Arbor area to establish our US headquarters. The Ann Arbor area offers a lot of possibilities for NAVYA to work with our suppliers and hire high-level professionals.”


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  1. ABSOLUTELY!! If one driverless and one conventional side by side, I would pick the driverless. Humans make too many mistakes.

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