Yesterday I told you about the new Sega Forever Game Service available for your Apple or Android phone. Today we’ll take a look at the classic games you can now carry around in your pocket.

The Sega Forever launch line-up offers the following five Mega Drive / Genesis releases that join the classic Dreamcast game Crazy Taxi that already launched this May:

Altered Beast – an original Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) ‘pack-in’ exclusive, beat-em-up game set in Ancient Greece


Comix Zone –  another beat-em-up Genesis exclusive made from SEGA’s in-house studio STI


Kid Chameleon – a 1992 platformer where the hero rescues by changing masks to change into different characters then use different abilities.


Phantasy Star II – 1990 role-playing game (RPG) originally launched in 1989.

The original Sonic the Hedgehog platform game that became an instant classic when originally launched in 1991.


Additional games will launch periodically worldwide except in Japan, Mainland China, and North Korea. Look for future releases from other consoles including the Game Gear, SG 1000, Master System, and SEGA Saturn and sign up for the latest alerts at (top right corner).

Here are the direct links for the “First Five” in Google Play (Android):

Altered Beast

Comix Zone

Kid Chameleon

Phantasy Star

Sonic the Hedgehog

~ Mike Siebenaler