The latest addition to Google Culture & Arts is the We Wear Culture exhibit that brings you the history of fashion.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find a bevy of navigation options on the left side menu. You’ll also find the main page is full of featured content from each section that you can scroll down through and click into to explore further.

My favorite section is Origin Stories where you can learn about The Story of the Sari, Lace-making in Switzerland, The Art of Making a Kimono, and The History of the Protest T-Shirt to just name a few. You get to learn about how these traditions were started, their popularity, and how they exist today.

My second favorite part of the site are the highlights featuring specific fashion pieces: Vivienne Westwood’s Boucher Corset, Coco Chanel’s Black Dress, Ferragamo’s Marilyn Monroe Stiletto, and more. You can click into them and view them 360 degrees.

This is an amazing collaboration that lets you explore fashion history in a comprehensive way that has never been available before. Go check it out for yourself today!