Hello! And welcome to another tutorial!

Despite enjoying other browsers like Firefox Developer Edition or Vivaldi, I can’t deny that I keep going back to Google Chrome. A few weeks ago, I used Chrome for the first time in a while,  and I noticed that the Read mode (or distraction free- mode) wasn’t available anywhere.  This mattered a lot to me, since I use this feature when I have a lot of reading to do or don’t want to be bothered with flashy ads. (yes, you can right click and copy pages that don’t allow it when you are in read mode).

I ended up looking all over the internet for an easy solution. If you have read my other posts, then you’ll  know that I prefer not to install additional software or extensions, this won’t be the exception.

Let’s start!

Step 1 – Go to the shortcut that launches your Google Chrome browser. It can be on your desktop, taskbar or in the Start Menu. Right click on it, and then go to Properties.


Step 2 – In the Target box, you can see the route of the Chrome application, after the quotation marks, add the following text.



Step 3 – Click on Apply to save these changes and if you have any Chrome windows opened, close them.

Step 4 – Now let’s try it, open any page that you would like to see in Read Mode (I personally suggest http://www.worldstart.com), go to the Menu (top right corner of the browser) and click on Distill Page. This will leave only the “readable” content and hide all the other elements that could distract you. To go back to normal view, just click the back arrow button on the browser.


*Note: If the Distill Page button is missing after applying the changes to the shortcut, check that you have positively closed all the instances of the browser. You can go to Task Manager and check the process list to see if chrome.exe is running, if this is the case, end the process and try again.

If everything is okay, then a page that looked like this without reading mode enabled:


Now should look like this:


As you can see, the Distilled mode won’t be remembered for its beauty, but it does the work and only requires to adda few text in the shortcut  target.

I hope this tip turns to be useful to you. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please leave them all down here in the comments section!

~ Hernan