Security researchers at the Palo Alto Networks have discovered a particularly nasty new Android Malware capable of stealing your private information from the most popular apps out there including Skype, Facebook, and Firefox.

When I say new, it’s new to researchers. This malware has actually been hard at work pilfering data for a couple of years.


The folks at Palo Alto Networks are calling it “SpyDealer.” Here’s how it works. It uses exploits found in a rooting app to gain access to other apps and is able to steal private data and messages.

It can even record your calls and any surrounding audio and video. It can hijack your camera and take photos of you and your surroundings. It can track your location and even take screenshots.

Among the affected apps are Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Firefox, WeChat, Line, and Android’s built-in browser.

It doesn’t appear that this malware was distributed through the official Google Play Store. But if you’ve downloaded apps from any third party stores or used a rooting app on your device, you could be affected. Researchers even suspect that the infections may have come from compromised WiFi networks.

It seems to be affecting older phones, those running between Android 2.2 and Android 4.4. But if you think you might be affected, it’s a good time to change all of your passwords and take a good look at all of your accounts for any sign of trouble.