Today’s site is The Bowery Boys! This podcast has been around since 2007, but just recently came across my radar. I can’t wait to share it with you!

When you arrive, be sure to check out the About Us section to learn about the history of this podcast and blog.  On the main page, you’ll find the most recent blog posts featured in the center, with links to the podcast and other content in the left side bar.

You can also access the podcast from the navigation strip at the top of the page which also offers the Our Book, About Us, and search feature.

I found the site by looking up information on the history of soda in the United States and their recent blog post on it came up. It’s called The Secret History of Soft Drinks: A Tale in Four Flavors.  I loved that while the blog posts are supplemental to the podcast, they really stand on their own with great information and extras. For example, In the post on soft drinks, you’ll find information on what’s covered in the podcast (totally worth a listen) and then you’ll find images and even videos about the topic.

This is a cool way to explore the history of New York City. Go check it out for yourself today!