For once I’m going to tell you about a security pop-up and not warn you that it’s a scam. This is the real thing and it’s all about getting ready for the big Windows Creators Update. Here’s what it looks like:creators-check-security.jpg

Ahead of the big changes coming to Windows 10, Microsoft wants you review the security settings. You can skip it for now (but expect to get reminded later), or choose to review your settings right now.  Move the toggle switches between off and on to choose whether to display location, allow speech recognition, report errors to Microsoft, or allow relevant ad targeting.


You can click Learn more to get a bit more information. If you’re satisfied, choose Accept.


Now, you’re set. Microsoft will notify you when the update is ready to go. This is a great big update, so it’s going to take awhile.

And, yes, I’m hard at work on a new guide to help you through the changes coming in the Creator’s Update.