The upcoming Creator’s update is bad news for those of us who love good old MS Paint. Microsoft is deprecating the app.


That means Paint will still be there after the update, but MS won’t be actively keeping the program up-to-date or adding features, plus they may remove it in a future update.


Instead, Microsoft want Windows users to adopt the new Paint 3-D app.

Also on the chopping block is Outlook Express. If you still have it hanging around on your Windows 10 PC, it will not work after the Creators Update.

The screen saver functionality will be disabled under themes. Microsoft wants you to set this up under “Lockscreen.”

The Reader and Reading List Apps will be removed as well. Those function will be integrated into Microsoft Edge.

System Image Backup Solution will be deprecated as well. Microsoft suggests that users use full-disk backup solutions from third-party vendors.

I’m working now on a new guide detailing all the changes in the Creators Update.  Plus, I’ll be doing articles on changes and new features as they happen.