Lil can’t locate her screenshots once she takes them. “I have Windows 10. I can do a print screen, but I don’t know where to find it once I’ve done that. where the heck does it go on my PC?”

Screenshots are copied to your clipboard. So you’ll need to paste that shot somewhere. Try opening a program like Paint and pressing the Ctrl + V key. The screenshot will paste into that program. You can then crop or resize as needed. When you’ve made changes, just choose Save from the file menu.

You can also paste into a Word document, email, or other image editing program. On some devices, like my Surface Pro, there’s an automatically generated Screenshots folder that you’ll find in your Pictures library. Screenshots are saved there with a number.

Also, don’t forget about using the Snipping Tool. ¬†You can find it by typing “snipping tool” in your search box. Choose “New” from the top menu and select the shape of the screenshot you want to capture.

Once you select the image you want, you’ll be given an option to save it.

Hope this helps.