Outlook.com has a new look and they are rolling out the offer to try the beta version.  I got a notice this morning that it was available, so I thought I should give it a look.

You’ll be able to switch back and forth between the beta and the old look with a toggle switch at the top of the inbox.


The differences are subtle.  Here’s the old look.


Here’s the newer inbox.


You’ll notice that messages now sport brightly-colored badges marked with letters representing the name of the person emailing you. This can make it easier to scan your emails for a particular contact.


At the top of the inbox, there’s now a toggle switch between the Focused and Other inbox.


In the previous version there were tabs, but sometimes they were hard to see.


The Search box moves to the top of the inbox and New Message moves to the far-left top.


The menu bar moves to the side from the bottom.


I haven’t had a chance to explore all the changes yet, but it doesn’t seem too overwhelming. The look is more in line with the Windows Mail app, the mobile Outlook app.