Smartphone: 101 Understanding Emoji

Emoji are little icons that are used to show emotion when sending a text message. The earliest emoji was the colon followed by a smiley face 🙂  which later became a smiley icon.


Since you can’t see or hear the person you’re messaging with, a smiley face can let people know when you’re kidding or being sarcastic.  Emoji have expanded far beyond just a smiling or frowning face these days. Sometimes I get messages that appear to be in hieroglyphics.

Emoji can often look similar. For example, here are three crying emoji with three very different meanings.


This emoji is supposed to represent a pile of poo. However, I’ve known people who mistook it for chocolate ice cream.


There’s no way I could list all of the meanings, but I do have a great resource.

Click here to check out the Emoji Dictionary.




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