Legal Geeks

The recent premiere of the new Star Trek series got me thinking about one of my favorite sites out there,

The legal geeks are Jessica Mederson and Joshua Gilliland. Both are attorneys and big-time pop-culture geeks.  They are joined by a group of other nerdy attorney’s to debate the pressing legal questions of the day such as the product liability for the defective Stormtrooper armor in Star Wars and if Thor working for the US government violates the establishment of religion clause since he’s the god of thunder.  And speaking of Star Trek, would it be in the best interest of a human child to be adopted by a Vulcan?

As you can see, this site is all in good fun. It features videos, articles, and a podcast. My favorite right now is the legal justification for Han Solo shooting Greedo and a debate over who actually owns the Millennium Falcon.

If you love comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy like I do, you need to check it out.


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