Don’t make this Mail mistake

One thing I’ve noticed with Windows 10, is that there’s often some confusion as to the mail program people are using to read their messages.

There are two ways to read messages, you can click a browser icon to go online and use a webmail interface or use a program installed on your device that’s designed to download copies of your messages.  Those programs are called Email clients. Among the best-known are the old Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook.

In Windows 10, the built-in email client is simply called Mail or the Mail App.  Here’s what the icon for Mail looks like on your taskbar in Windows 10.


And in the Start Menu as a search result:


And a live tile.


Here’s a look at the inbox when you open it.


One thing that can trip users up, is that if I’m using an email address, it says Outlook Mail in the top left corner.



That doesn’t mean you’re using the Outlook email program. That’s just the name of the account you’re accessing with the Mail app.  If I access my Yahoo account, it says Yahoo at the top.


One nice thing about using the app is that I can choose to access multiple accounts in the same place.

Why does it matter if you know how you’re accessing your mail?  If you have an issue and need to troubleshoot, it’s very important to know in which program the problem is happening.

FYI, here’s what the program icon for Live Mail looks like on the taskbar.


This is what it looks like in the Start Menu search results:


And this is the inbox.


Outlook – the email client that’s part of Office, looks like this.


Here’s Outlook on the taskbar.


And here’s a look at the inbox.







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