Backup your Android phone

If you’ve got an Android phone, you’ll want to make sure that your important phone date to the Google Cloud just in case your phone is damaged or stolen or you need to do a factory reset.

Here’s how to make sure your information is backed up to Google Drive and can be restored if needed. Go to Settings. Scroll down to Backup and Restore.


Turn Back up my data on. I’d also suggest turning on Automatic restore. That way if an app is reinstalled, all of the data will be restored.


To back up all the photos on your phone automatically. Open the Google Photos App. This is a great feature, because you have an unlimited backup of your photos, just in case something happens to your phone.


The first time you open the photos app, it will prompt you to back up to the cloud. All you have to do is turn it on.

The Google Drive app is great not only for backing up, but for transferring large files and sharing with others. It’s also where you’ll store any files created with the Google Office Suite.


This is the same Google Drive you can access from your computer.


With your backup turned on, your files will be a lot more secure.

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  1. Good info but how do you keep Google from picking up pictures from emails? Many emails have cartoons and such which I don’t want to keep.

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