Nifty Gadget: Robot friend folds your laundry

Here’s a nifty gadget that I’d love to have, but I probably won’t be willing to pay the asking price.  An automatic home laundry folder. It’s called the FoldiMate.


Users just clip the items to be folded to the front of the machine.


The machine takes them in one-by-one like a printer’s feeder tray and folds.  Click here to watch a video of the process on YouTube.


The device can also steam wrinkled clothes and add perfume and softening treatments.


Then the folded laundry comes out neatly stacked on a tray.


The manufacturer says it will fold most laundry like shirts, pants, and towels. But it’s not good for large items like sheets or small items like socks. It should be able to handle 15 to 20 items per folding session and take about 10 seconds per item. It measures 28″ by 32″ x31″, roughly comparable to an average-sized washer.

The price is expected to come in between $700 – $850 when it hits the stores next year. Plus an additional $200 – to $300 if you want the de-wrinkling capability. So this is clearly for someone who puts a great deal of value on neatly folded laundry but doesn’t like to fold.

As we know, often times people have differing opinions on how items should be folded. FoldiMate says it will offer various folding methods as downloads from their Internet store.  You can learn more about this device by visiting their website.

What I would expect to see, is the various washer and dryer manufacturers refining this type of technology and making it a part of the device they already sell, likely at a lower cost.







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