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Lillian’s having a problem with reading email. She writes: “I have windows 10. And I have Incredimail for my e-mails. On some sites, when I get their e-mail, I can’t scroll down to see the whole thing, so I go to my browser to get it. (like it says to do if I can’t see it) On other sites, there is no way scroll down. In order to see the whole e-mail, I have to click on forward. But then if I want to unsubscribe I can’t click on it in the forwarded screen. And when I go to the original screen, I can’t scroll down again. On those screens, I have waited quite a while in hopes that I would be able to scroll down. It still doesn’t open the whole e-mail. So what is happening when that happens, and how can I scroll to the bottom? Is there another way to open it other than going to my browser?”

Lillian included a screenshot of what it looks like. As you can see, there’s no way to move the scrollbar down any farther.


Lillian, you certainly aren’t alone. It’s a known problem in Incredimail. Plus, I’ve also had folks using say they’ve experienced a similar issue.  So far, the only sure way to fix it seems to be to hit forward and then read the email.

Here’s a quote directly from the Incredimail help forum about the problem:

“Unfortunately, there is currently no target date for the fixing of this bug.

As a workaround, please forward the particular messages to your email address, and the new (i.e. forwarded) messages should be displayed properly in your Inbox.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

I’ve also explored solutions to this problem in and have seen several fixes, though none of them seem to work consistently. The forwarding trick seems to work best there as well.


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  1. I too use Incredimail with this same issue. There are many email clients that have the same issue and not just IM or Outlook. It’s happened on Thunderbird and Mailspring. I think it’s just some kind of flaw in the program itself. Just by hitting forward you still can’t read the whole email. You actually have to forward it to yourself or go to the online version of your mail and read it there. Many companies will say if you can’t view this email read it online here (with a link), however, that only works if that is stated at the top of the email. Stupid companies will put that at the bottom which is redundant since you can’t get to the bottom to see it.

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