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If you aren’t familiar with Grammarly, it’s a great service to help you write better. Grammarly checks for spelling, context, capitalization, punctuation, and tense errors. You can visit their website to input text or use their add-ons for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You can even download a Grammarly add-on to Microsoft Word.

I find Grammarly to be more up-to-date on newer words and phrases that Word’s spelling and grammar checking software.  Grammarly offers both free and premium options. The free option checks for spelling and critical grammar and punctuation errors. The premium version looks at more advanced issues.

Grammarly also has a way to improve your writing when you use a mobile phone. They offer a keyboard app that works on iPhones.

I find Grammarly to be much smarter than your typical keyboard correction software. Grammarly should work with any app that allows keyboard input.

When there’s an issue with what you’re writing, Grammarly points it out by highlighting the possible error.


You can check out the issue and correct with a couple of taps.


The basic corrections are free, but those whose subscribe to Grammarly’s premium service will also receive word choice and style suggestions.  This app is available in the App store for your iPhone.

An Android version is currently in beta testing and the folks at Grammarly say it should be available soon. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

You can learn more about their mobile app, by clicking here.  

Check out their other services here.


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