Secure your phone: Part 1

There are two types of security to consider when it comes to your phone. The physical security and privacy of your device and the threat of malware.

For the physical security of your device, you’ll want to lock it. But remember, if you do lock it with a password, PIN, or pattern lock – don’t lose it!  You might easily end up with an incredibly expensive paperweight.


I’m also going to offer you the number on security tip to prevent your phone from becoming infected with Malware. Don’t ever download apps from anywhere other than the app store for your device. I don’t care what type of free thing you’re supposed to be getting. Just don’t do it.

Many times people are tempted to root devices to break out of the constraints of only purchasing from the app store for your device. Unless you’re a real tech expert, it is like stepping into a nest of hornets.

But even that’s not 100% guarantee of safety. There have been multiple cases of crooks sneaking fake version of apps into the legitimate app stores for devices. So you have to keep your eyes open.


And just as you need to watch out for scam emails on a PC, keep an eye out for scam texts and instant messages. Don’t just tap on links in messages from people you don’t know. These links can lead you to some very bad places.

Tomorrow we’ll look at how to secure your Android & iPhone.


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