Secure your iPhone

Last week, we looked at how to keep your Android phone safe. 

Today, we tackle the basics of keeping an iPhone protected.

To set up security for your iPhone, go to Settings and choose Touch ID & Passcode.


You can then choose 4-digit passcode, a custom numeric passcode or a combination of letters and numbers.


If your phone offers a fingerprint reader, you can set up your fingerprints.


You’ll also find a setting that will erase your phone data after ten failed passcode attempts to protect your information in case a thief gets hold of your phone.



If you ever lose your iPhone, you can use the Find my iPhone web app on any Mac or PC to help locate it. Click here to check it out.

There aren’t as many security app in the Apple App store as you can find in the Google Play Store for Android. But you can find some big names, by going to the App Store and searching by name. McAfee Mobile Security and Norton Mobile Security are two big names that come to mind.



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