Automatically apply online coupons

If you use the Chrome browser and shop online, there’s a free extension for Chrome that will automatically add all eligible coupon codes to your online purchases.

If you aren’t familiar with the term extension, it means a small software program that adds an extra function to the Chrome browser. Some examples are the Grammarly grammar and spelling checker or AdBlock Plus adblocker.

Here’s how to get Honey.  Open the Chrome browser and click here. 

Choose Add to Chrome.


Confirm that you want to add Honey.


Follow instructions to create an account. The next time you do some online shopping, you’ll want to click the honey icon at the top of your browser after you’ve added your items to the cart.  Honey will search for coupon codes. Then click on Apply coupon codes.


Honey then tests out the codes to make sure they work.


Then applies them to your order. You can then continue to the checkout. Remember, you’ll need to do your shopping in the Chrome browser to use this extension.


Honey will also help you find the best prices on items offered on Amazon.


You can click here to learn more about Honey.


2 thoughts on “Automatically apply online coupons

  1. Cyn, my reluctance to use Google Chrome is that I’ll have to allow it access to my pc, where it searches out sites I visit for whatever data it wants. How am I incorrect in my thinking? Can you set me straight? Thanks, Trish

  2. I just ordered some printer ink from Amazon and “honey” didn’t show up. But then I read your email again – it says to order from the Chrome browser. Duh. I went through in order to get points. The next time I will surely go thru Chrome! Thanks for alerting us to this Code provider!

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