Story Telling With Food

Food photography is in these days. Many big restaurant chains have changed their menus and the way they present food in order to have food that looks good when people post pictures of it on social media.


I’m a foodie and a love taking pictures of food, so I found this article about telling a story with your food photos to be fascinating. I’m familiar with the concept of making sure even seemingly mundane shots tell a story from my time working in TV, but this helped me take my understanding to a whole new level.

This helpful guide explains how to set a mood, trigger an emotion, and how to highlight important aspects of the dish.


The step-by-step instructions are paired with gorgeous, mouth-watering images. Even if you aren’t big on food photography, it’s a fascinating insight into how food photos are staged and why they make you so hungry.  The website also features a whole bunch of delicious recipes with equally delicious photographs.

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