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Sorry, fellas, this site is primarily of interest to ladies. Though, if your a guy who has to pay for a wedding or expensive dressy clothes for someone else, this site could save you a bundle.  Guys have had it easy for many years when it comes to formal wear. They can always rent a nice tuxedo at a fraction of the cost of buying one and return it when they’re finished.

Rent the Runway gives that option to women. You can choose from a huge array of designer clothes. You’ll find outfits suitable for mothers of the bride, proms, cocktail parties and just about any formal or semi-formal occasion. The dresses are delivered right to your door and you return them after you’ve worn them.


I first learned about this service from my friend, Crystal. She was able to find gorgeous holiday and wedding outfits for both her and her teenage daughter using RTR.  Her direct quote:  “Rent the Runway is seriously fabulous. I’ve used it 15 times now and haven’t had a bad experience.”

Users can choose levels of formality from gowns to work dresses. They’ve even got a new maternity section. For anyone planning a wedding, this is a great way to have designer dresses for the bride and everyone else in the wedding party at a fraction of the cost.

You can tell the site what occasion you need an outfit for or what designer you’d like.


You can also use filters like color, hem length, sleeve length, body type, and appropriate age range to find the right outfit.


Once you pick a dress, you can choose between a 4 or 8-day rental period. You’ll see the rental cost of the dress, along with the retail price of the outfit. You can also get a free backup size in case the size you’ve picked doesn’t quite fit right.


You’ll also be able to check out photos of real people of varying sizes and shapes who wore the dress and see what they thought of it.


Prices generally run from $30 for a nice cocktail or day dress to around $200 for a designer dress that could run you several thousand dollars if you purchased. RTR takes care of the dry cleaning. You just send the dress back.

You can also sign up for an $89 per month plan that allows you four rentals or RTR Unlimited for $159 and get unlimited rentals. Purses, jewelry, and other accessories are also for rent.

Click here to check out Rent the Runway.




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