TSA’s amazing & useful social media

I’ve found a couple of useful and sometimes entertaining social media accounts to follow.  The Instagram and Twitter accounts for the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) are fun to read, but also very useful for travelers.


If you travel, you’re probably aware that there can be some really strict rules about what you can carry onto a plane.  If you want to avoid getting your items confiscated, you can Tweet TSA at their @askTSA Twitter handle. Click here to check it out.

They answer questions 8 am to 10 pm EST weekdays and  9 am to 7 pm on weekends and holidays.  You can also call 866-289-9673.

Their Instagram account @tsa is a mixture of amusing and alarming.


You’ll find informative tips on how to transport pies, ammunition, and lobsters safely mixed with photos of items that have been confiscated from travelers like the collection of blades and bullets below.


Or grenades in shoes.



It’s mixed with fun photos of travelers like the one below.


The images also come with helpful advice about traveling with pets and how to pack things like food, liquids, and items that could possibly be used as weapons.



Click here to check it out.

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