Streaming phone to TV

A reader is looking for advice on viewing online videos on a TV.

“A friend of mine recently bought an Android ‘smartphone’ and has learned how to search for tutorial videos related to his talent as a guitar player. He wants to view these on his TV, rather than the small phone screen. Can you explain what is needed, i.e. equipment, connections, hardware, software, to accomplish this for my friend?”

Your friend is watching videos online, most likely on YouTube, though there are other sites with instructional videos. What he needs is a way to watch Internet videos on his TV.  If he has a smart TV, it’s pretty easy, the YouTube app or some type of browser is already available.  If he’s got a streaming service like Netflix, he can probably get to the YouTube app.


Or a simple streaming stick like a Roku that plugs into the HDMI port would be a good option. Also came consoles like an Xbox or Playstation also allow you to add a browser or YouTube app. With these devices, there’s no reason to even involve his phone.  You can get a Roku for less than $40 on Amazon right now. You’ll also find it at most major retailers.

For around $40, a Chromecast device will allow him to stream from his Android Phone to the TV.


He could also get a cable with an HDMI plug on one end and a plug that fits his Android phone’s HDMI port on the other, and connect via a cable, though that’s not as convenient as doing it wirelessly. Amazon has one for $8.




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