Windows 10 Mail App: Settings

This is the fourth part of our series about the Mail app that’s included with Windows 10.

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Today we’re going to explore the Settings options. To access Settings, click the little gear icon at the bottom of the panel to the left of your inbox.


This panel will open.


Choosing Personalization gives you a selection of colors and themes.


Automatic replies allows you to create auto-responses to send to everyone or just your contacts. Just type your automatic reply in the blank box.


Reading gives you quite a few options. The ones I get the most questions about
are automatically downloading external images and conversation mode.


Shutting Automatically download external images off can lead to emails full of blank boxes where images should be.


Conversation mode means that emails backĀ and forth with someone will be all grouped together. Some people find it convenient, others annoying. The choice is yours.


This is also where you can choose if you want your inbox automatically split up into Focused and Other.


Another option is your email signature.


Click it, and you can compose a signature to apply to sent mail in all or one of your accounts.


Choose Notifications and you can decide if you want to receive email notices in the Action Center.


This should be enough to give you a good start with the Mail app.

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