Getting started with a bullet journal

A lot of us make a resolution this time of year to finally get organized and meet those goals we’ve been putting off. And while there are many electronic solutions out there, there’s really nothing quite like taking pen to paper and writing down your intentions.

That’s where a bullet journal can come in hand. It’s a highly customizable organization system that doesn’t require any special equipment. You need a notebook, a pencil or pen, and a little bit of determination. That’s where this great site comes in. The key to a bullet journal is that it is flexible and highly customizable to meet your needs.  It focuses on rapid logging, which takes far less time than traditional journaling or planning.

This comprehensive site breaks down the steps to getting started in easy-to-understand language with helpful illustrations.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see tabs for Logging, Modules, and Migration.


Start with Logging and you’ll be guided through the simple and effective rapid logging system.


Then you’ll move on to adding topics and page numbers and finally bullets.

You’ll earn a simple system for marking tasks and scheduling events. The information if well-organized and presented much in the same style as taking a class. It’s an intriguing concept even if you aren’t ready to start your own journal just yet.

I find some interesting parallels between a bullet journal and an organization app like OneNote. In a way, you’re becoming your own app.  I am honestly quite excited about this and looking forward to starting my own.

You can click here to get started:

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