The American Meteor Society

We had a little excitement in the Ohio/Michigan area this week. A meteor lit up the winter night sky and made quite the boom. I’ve been interested in astronomy since Mrs. Woodward taught us about the planet in second grade and having a close encounter with a spectacular celestial light show inspired me to learn more about meteors.

The meteorologist at the TV station I used to work with consulted the American Meteor Society site for information about our local event, so I figured that was good enough for me.


The site features news about meteor impacts and forecasts of the best times and places to watch for meteors. Our big boom is currently featured prominently on the page.

The top of the page has tabs where you can explore news about meteors and learn more about them. I learned the type of meteor we experienced is called a fireball.

There are also resources to report meteor sightings, a glossary of terms, links where you can learn more, and free posters.

It’s a fun and informative site.

Click here to check it out:

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