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Yesterday, I told you about a nifty little desktop gadget that a reader gave a glowing recommendation called ClockX. If you aren’t familiar with it, just click here to read the article about how to download and install first. 

Once ClockX is installed and open, right-click for a drop-down menu.


I’m going to start at the bottom of the menu and look at some choices for the position and behavior of ClockX on the desktop. If you’ve checked “On top” the click will always be displayed on top, even if you’re working in a program.



You can click and hold to move the clock anywhere on the desktop by default. But if you want to keep it one position and make sure you don’t accidentally move it, choose ‘Unmoveable’ from the drop-down menu.


Choose click-through and the mouse will interact with whatever is behind the clock and not the clock itself. If that’s activated you’ll have to open ClockX in the System Tray to interact with it.


Click on Options to open a menu that gives you a bunch of, well… options.


General allows gives you the options we discussed earlier in the article, plus you can adjust the transparency of the clock, how the clock arms appear to move, transparency when moused over, and whether you can have more than one clock at a time.


Click the Appearance tab to choose from a long list of clock styles ranging from simple to psychedelic. I’m kind of fond of Port Hole. It suits my steampunk sensibilities.  You can enable Zoom and use the slider bar to make the clock larger or smaller.  Other options include showing AM/PM, the date, and seconds.


The app automatically sets the time to the system time on your PC. But if you want to change that, click the Time Zones tab. If you’re set to allow multiple clocks, you can set them for different time zones.  Each clock can also its own style and size.


ClockX also allows you to set multiple alarms using a very simple interface. Just click New to add your alarm.



Then name the alarm, set the reoccurrence, then pick the time. You can choose from the alarm sounds that come with ClockX or add your own video and audio.


It’s a fun little download to play with. Keep those reader recommendations coming!

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