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George needs help printing envelopes in Word and Open Office.

“How do I download a plain envelope template on these programs? I can only get an envelope with a blue line across it and half the time I have to redo it as it wants to print a letterhead with it. This program does not seem to have any plain business envelopes.”

George, no additional templates should be required for printing envelopes in Word or Open Office.  For Word, just open a blank document and click the Mailings tab at the top of the ribbon.


Then choose Envelopes.


Make sure you click the Envelopes tab when the window opens. Standard business envelopes are the default.  You’ll need to enter the address and the return address.


Click options to select another size envelope and to adjust the font.


Click the Printing Options tab to select how you wish to feed the envelope.


Just click Print when you have it set up the way you like. You can also select Add to Document and make the envelope part of the document you’re mailing for convenience.


In Open Office Writer, click the Insert option at the top and choose Envelope.


When the Envelope menu opens, you can make the same type of adjustments that I showed you in Word.


Let me know if you have any more questions.






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  1. Hey Cyn, Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to have works for windows and loved the program and would love to get another copy or find where it got lost when I restored my computer after a multitude of problems resurfaced. This computer has files 10 years old on it and i think i will soon be time to replace it. Thanks, George

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