Warning: This deal is too good to be true

I grabbed a screenshot of this little online deal from a Facebook group devoted to buying and selling stuff. It’s a bit like an online garage sale. The seller is offering up “jailbroken” Amazon Fire TV sticks for $70. A Fire TV stick is a great way to cut the cable and satellite cord and it most often used in conjunction with an Amazon Prime subscription. But it can also be used for viewing services like Netflix.


You need to be incredibly cautious about ads like this. When a device is jailbroken, it means that you can add apps from outside the app store for the device. In this case, it would mean apps from outside the Amazon apps store for this device. The problem with that is that there’s not necessarily a guarantee those apps will work right with this device. And you lose all of the safety barriers that an app store puts in place to keep malware from getting on your device. The person jailbreaking the device could put anything they want on it. That includes their own spyware and malware.

While this person doesn’t specifically offer any paid services for free, be aware that anyone who does that is either making it up to sell you stuff or breaking the law. Even if you get your hands on a device that lets you watch HBO, Amazon Prime, or Netflix for free, you aren’t in the clear. If you get caught, and you probably will, you can be charged with theft for any of those premium services you watched without paying for.

Is it illegal to jailbreak a Firestick? No. But if you then use it to illegally access copyrighted content, you are breaking the law.  And no matter what any service or app tells you, it is NEVER legal or right to access a service’s premium content for free.

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