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A reader is trying out the Books section of the Microsoft Store and has a question about her recently purchased eBooks.

“I purchased 2 eBooks from Microsoft Store They loaded to Edge. Is there a way to move them to my computer?”

Edge is the default eReader used for reading books purchased from the Microsoft store. The books you purchase will automatically be downloaded to the Hub section of Edge and you’ll be able to read them offline.

Purchasing eBooks in the Microsoft Store is fairly easy, just open the store and choose the Books tab.


Then purchase the book much in the same way you would an app. As with apps, there are many free books available.


Once you purchase a book, you can read it on your PC using the eReader in the Microsoft Edge app. Open Edge and click the star icon at the top to open the Hub.


Click the Books icon.


You’ll be able to view the books you’ve purchased. Just click on a book to open.


Here’s what the eReader layout looks like.


At the top-left, you’ll see a series of icons. The first one allows you view the table of contents for the book. The middle is for putting a bookmark in the book. The magnifying glass allows you to search for content in the book.



To the right, you also have three icons.


Click the icon that looks like a double letter A and you can adjust the type size and style for the book.


The center icon is actually a book with a speaker on it thought that’s hard to tell. Click or tap it to have the book read aloud to you. You can adjust the speed and the pick a voice you like.


The bookmark icon marks your place in the book.

Is this the best eReader app I’ve ever seen? Nope, but it’s interesting to see how Microsoft is attempting to integrate an eReader into Edge. They’d like Edge to be a lot more than a browser.

The bar at the bottom keeps track of your progress in the book. You can pull the handle to move your place. Move forward in the book by clicking on the screen or by swiping on a touchscreen.


Microsoft Books are only available for those using Windows 10.

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