Little Alchemy 2

Today’s site is a really addictive game called Little Alchemy 2. I can remember how addicted I was to the original version of  Little Alchemy, so I was stoked to give version 2 a try! It’s every bit as engaging as the original.

When you arrive at the site click Play to begin. Once you do, it will load the game and it will show you how to play by dragging elements from right to left into the play area.

The goal of the game is to create as many new elements as you can by combining elements in the play area. When you create a new element, the game provides you with a cool fact about it. The mini-tutorial they give you will have you combine air + air to create pressure. Some other recipes I’ve figured out are fire + water = steam, water + earth = mud, mud + fire = brick, and brick + brick = wall.

As you discover new elements they’re added to your Encyclopedia which you can find on the left side of the screen. You’ll also find the Hint option, Settings, and Clean Up in the same area. If you get stuck, you can click Hint (it will open in another tab) to see a combination you haven’t discovered yet.

What elemental combinations can you make? Go find out today!


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