Eclipse 2017

One of my favorite experiences of 2017 was the total eclipse. You better believe I was stoked when I found this interactive web-based 3-D simulator. While it was designed to help folks preview the path of the eclipse near their location, I think it still holds up as being cool.

You can learn more about the project at NASA’s Eyes.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll wait for it to load, and then click the Enter button. When you enter, you’ll find the simulator of the globe with various locations on it. Click Got It to interact with the map.

You can click location to bring up the simulation of the eclipse for that area, or you can click and drag to rotate the globe. When you’ve selected a location, it will start the clock for the eclipse in that area and bring up an eclipse window in the lower right corner.

One thing I found neat is the different views you can select. If you click View on the bottom center menu, you can switch from Earth view to one of the following: Moon Perspective, Earth/Moon/Sun, and Earth/Moon.

Go check it out today!


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