Windows 7: edit desktop photo slideshow

Don and Lacy want to make some changes to their desktop slideshow:

“I run a slide show of photographs using “personalize” in windows 7. I now have more pictures than I need and would like to delete some of them from my personalized desktop background. I have looked for an answer but could not find one.”

Using your own photos for a desktop slideshow is a great way to make your desktop unique and personal. Let’s look at how to set up a slideshow and how to edit it.

First, right-click on a blank spot on the desktop and choose Personalize. 


When the Personalization window opens, click Desktop background in the lower-left corner.


To use your own photos, click the drop-down arrow next to Picture location and choose Pictures library.


By default all of the pictures in your library will be selected. Note that the box next to each image is ticked.


If you want to use most of the images in your pictures library, you could scroll down and untick them one by one. Or, you can just click on Clear all at the right.


Then go through and tick the boxes next to the images you want to use. You might consider creating a folder just for the images you’d like to use for backgrounds. Just hover over the image to get the option to tick the box.  Make sure to click Save changes.


2 thoughts on “Windows 7: edit desktop photo slideshow

  1. Hi, I’ve been using slideshows of mandalas and other photo deformations i make for years. I put them in folders so I can organize them by color or type of deformation. I found that if I do that, its easier to change the picture out or reorganize them in the folders. I always found that checking or unchecking the individual pictures when I wanted to change something frustrating. Using the folders works really well in Windows 10 (which I accidentally updated to before I was really ready). I almost panicked because I wasn’t sure I could still use the personalized background slideshow in Windows 10 but it still works.

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