Common By Nature – Top 10 Facts

Today’s site features a blog series by James Common, a nature writer and birder form Northumberland, that offer the Top 10 Facts about different nature-themed topics.

Each entry features expert photographs of the topic being explored and ten facts about it. I thought each entry was fascinating, so I couldn’t wait to share this site with you.

You’ll land right on the Top 10 Facts page and find the entries available to you in a gallery style. Just click the one you want to learn more about and dive right in.  Your current choices are a variety of flora and fauna. I found the one on Surprising UK Non-Natives a very fun read and it has an awesome photograph of a Carolina Wood Duck!

If you like Common’s style, you can check out the rest of his work by clicking on Home on the side menu. There you’ll find all the entries showcased gallery style with the most recent entries near the top of the page.

Go learn new nature-based facts today!


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