Can I get my bookmarks back?

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A user of the Chrome browser is looking for a way to bring back missing bookmarks.
Google has just recently done away with the little link I used at the top, to open my Bookmarks. I get in that file often. Now I have to click on the 3 little dots at the top in order to find the folder that contains all my Bookmarks. Do you know of a way I can get that back in easy reach like it was? I love your emails, I read every one of them!
Thank you so much for reading my tips. I certainly appreciate it. The good news is that Chrome hasn’t done away with easy access to bookmarks. You may have accidentally removed it or it could have gotten removed during a Chrome update.  For those not familiar with the term, in Chrome “bookmark” is used to refer to the sites that you choose to save the web address for. That way you can get to a page with just a click.
To get back a bookmark bar, just click that 3-dot menu icon at the top left, and select Bookmarks from the drop-down menu.
Select Show bookmarks bar from the menu that pops up.
A bar should appear at the top listing your most-used bookmarks.
You’ll also see a folder with other less-used bookmarks listed to the far right. Click to view any of those bookmarks.
You can also drag any site from that list to the main bar by clicking and dragging it into position. Quickly add any site you’re visiting to your bookmark bar by clicking and holding on the information for it, dragging it down to the bar, and then releasing. I hope this is helpful.

One thought on “Can I get my bookmarks back?

  1. OMG Cyn! That’s exactly what I had intended to write asking you about! I am so happy that someone beat me to it and you gave us the answer to fix that. You are the best, hands down. That simple answer was right in my face, the whole time but I was so aggravated that Chrome had taken that away from me I didn’t see the obvious. DUH. Double DUH.

    Thank you, again and again. I am so happy that I’ve got you coming in to my Inbox daily!

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