Is this warning for real?

A reader noticed this pop-up warning after opening a browser and wanted to know if it’s the real thing.


I can say up front that this is legitimate. I see the same thing when I open Google Chrome on my PC. But let’s take a look at the questions you’d ask yourself to determine if this is real.  Since the corner is branded with Norton Anti-virus, the first question to ask yourself is if you’ve paid for a subscription to Norton antivirus. If you haven’t, they aren’t going to be showing you alerts.

I have paid for a Norton subscription. One of things that Norton offers along with their subscriptions is an extension for some browsers that offers extra security. However, extensions like that can sometimes slow down browsers. That’s something you’d consider before enabling. I Usually advise against just clicking on pop-ups, but if yours looks exactly like this and you have purchased Norton it’s okay to decide to enable the toolbars or extension available for your browser or to click where it says Don’t Ask Again.


You can also choose to be reminded later. If you’d rather not click on a pop-up, click here to go to Norton’s site and add the appropriate extensions.



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