Too Darn Hot: Secret Signs Your Laptop Is Overheating

How do you know your laptop is overheating? You may say it’s pretty simple, it just feels too hot. Sometimes there’s a really obvious sign like your fan making a clunking noise as it dies.

But other times, the errors can look like they’re related to something else. For example, did you know line across your screen can be a sign of overheating?  That’s because when your laptop gets too hot inside, the video card can start to overheat as well.  So if you’ve got video issues that pop up after you’ve used your PC for a bit, but disappear after it’s been turned off overnight and turned back on, An overheating laptop is a strong possibility.

Is it taking forever to complete basic tasks like opening programs or writing a document?  Just like you, your PC moves slow when it feels overheated.

Are you getting unexplained errors in a variety of programs?  Again, the culprit could be an overheated PC. Just like a person with a high fever, your laptop is going to have problems focusing on the task at hand.

Is it locking up abruptly or shutting down unexpectedly, heat is very likely the cause.  One way to check the temperature is to download a program like RealTemp.

If you’ve got a hot PC, it’s a good idea to get the fan checked. Solving the problem could be a simple as replacing the fan. That’s a lot cheaper than buying a new PC. Another alternative is a laptop cooling fan. These are fairly inexpensive bases that lift your laptop off a surface to release heat and also blow cool air on the device.


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