I came across an interesting site that’s part database, part spreadsheet, and part organizer. It’s available for use in most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & Edge. Sorry, Internet Explorer users) and also as an app for Android and Apple devices.  This means you can use it on a PC, Mac, or Linux computer as well as most phones and tablets.

The best part? The basic plan is free and that basic plan ought to suffice for the majority of home and even some small business users. Let’s check it out.

When you arrive at their website, there’s a handy video that introduces the product. I suggest watching it.


Unlike the traditional grids of spreadsheets, Airtable allows you to use a variety of formats like calendars.


You can add features like checkboxes.


You can even drag and drop file attachments like images or documents into the spreadsheet.


You can group and sort your record in a variety of ways.


Even display them in a calendar.


Or view the data in a gallery.


You can even create forms and the responses will be automatically fed into your spreadsheet. You can use Airtable alone or use it with group projects or share with another person.  Any changes you make are instantly synced across all devices. So, if you’ve got the app on your phone and make a change, that change will be there when you open Airtable up in a browser on your desktop.

As I said, it’s free for a basic account and super-simple to sign up. Just click the Sign-up tab at the top of the page.


Then add your information.


Then name your workspace. Airtable will encourage you to invite others to join. But you certainly don’t have to unless you’re working on a group project.


And you’re good to go.


On the left, you’ll Learning and Resources. You’ll find a guide, video tutorials, and links to the help center.


Click this link to visit their webpage:

Or go to the app store for your phone and look for Airtable.

*Note – this is a product that you use online as opposed to a download for your PC or Mac.


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  1. Cyn, if you use Airtable online is it still safe? Also – an off topic comment. When we use your print button, we don’t get a print preview option, (I use PDF Creator) so we can select only the pages we want to print. Maybe we don’t want some at the end every time we print something. Great job! Trish

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