Canon ends sales of film cameras

It’s the end of an era for photography. After nearly 85 years of selling film cameras, Canon is ceasing production of its one remaining film camera, the EOS-1V.

They haven’t manufactured new units in many years, but they were selling old stock to enthusiasts. Camera owners won’t be left high and dry just yet, the company plans to offer repairs to existing film cameras through 2025.


Digital cameras rapidly took over when affordable models were introduced for the home user. Especially after the introduction of large-capacity memory cards that allowed users to take an almost unlimited amount of photos without the having to change file or pay  the expense of developing pictures.

Smartphones have dealt a huge blow to the point and shoot camera industry as the majority of users have switched to those handy devices as their primary camera and more than 90% of younger users have never taken a photo with anything but a smartphone camera.

Some photographers prefer film cameras, saying they give a better image quality and a color-depth that digital cameras can’t manage.

Some companies like Lecia and Nikon still make film cameras with a big price tag and you can still get disposable cameras from Fujifilm and Kodak.


What do you use for your primary camera? Do you miss film cameras or do you enjoy the convenience of digital? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. What do you use for your primary camera? I would like to say Instagram, but I probably use Pinterest more often… for personal depiction/graphic, what are they, certainly not ‘Photos!’ Question is… is Android an acceptable image medium???

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