Is It Ironic?

Here’s a site devoted to one of my pet language peeves, the misuse of the term “ironic.” I don’t quite cringe the way I do when people use the term literally when they mean figuratively, but it brings out my inner language policewoman.

This handy site includes a definitive English writer’s definition of irony as well as examples of irony.  The concept of irony is often misunderstood and people use the word when what they really mean is coincidentally or fittingly.

The site is easy to navigate, just look for the red menu to the left. You’ll find lots of examples of irony in literature, funny ironic pictures, and you’ll even get the opportunity to vote as to whether you think something is ironic.

It’s a good resource for writers and fun place for us nitpickers to hang out.

Click the link below to check it out.

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