Computer in Windows 7

There’s a handy place in Windows 7 where you can access a lot of features related to managing your PC and your disk space. Fittingly, it’s called ‘Computer.’  Let’s take a tour. To access Computer, just open the start menu and click Computer on the right panel.


This window will open:


Your hard drives and removable drives will be displayed.


Right-click on any of your drives for a menu. You’ll be able to delete drives, scan with your security programs, restore previous versions, copy, rename, or format drives.


Choose Properties to get more information on your drive.  Here you can see what type of processor your PC is using, how much memory you have, whether you have a 64-bit or 32-bit OS, and even find your Windows product ID.


But wait… there’s more! Up at the top of the window, you’ve got even more options. We’ll check those out tomorrow.


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